Discover a 360° view of your site...

...and a fully digitized approach to site planning. Create new ideas, design smarter proposals and solve site constraints and density requirements using real-time analyses and generative design. Developing a site has never been easier.

What our customers value:

Saved time
“Spacemaker empowered four architectural offices to work together, in a single digital model for the entire site. The planning process became so efficient that we could reduce timelines by one year.”
Reduced costs
“Between the first and last iterations, we improved 150 apartments (33%) with a highly desirable sea view. This raised the value of the site by over €8 million.”
Improved value
“We increased density by about 4%, which meant that we added an extra 900m², worth more than €4.5 million.”

Design more efficiently and with greater impact.

Work digitally from day one

Create a comprehensive 3D model that helps you fully understand your site, site boundaries, terrain, surrounding environment and regulatory constraints right from the outset.  Design multiple scenarios in no time, to ensure you have a compliant site plan that delivers both density and living qualities.

Superpowered analysis

Test and understand your site proposals more than ever before, to deliver the most optimal proposal. Analyze up to 100 criteria including daylight, noise, and wind, while features such as height studies and generative design assist you as you look to make improvements.

Compare and compete

Store all your site plans in a digital library. At any point, pit your different site proposals against each other and understand the benefits and potential flaws of each. Spacemaker provides comparisons through both statistical and visual means, making it easy to choose the best design - whether for an architectural competition or site planning.

Transparent collaboration and communication

Benefit from a digital workflow that ultimately leads to more productive dialogues and better decision-making. Remove barriers between collaborators and planning authorities by offering a single view, where all participants can visualize data easily, and where revisions can be made in hours instead of weeks.

Seamless integration with your favorite tools

Spacemaker provides access to 2D and 3D plans, exports insight and overviews in Excel or PDF, and integrates seamlessly with your favorite BIM tool.


Want to see more?

Check out our upcoming webinars, delving into the power of the Spacemaker platform.

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“With Spacemaker you have access to a thorough, analytical foundation early, and you can build strong arguments that contribute to a better and more efficient dialogue and better collaboration.”
Mats Marthinussen, Head of section and Urban Planner, Bodø Municipality
“Spacemaker allows us to efficiently test different building heights and potential building structures, saving us time in the acquisition phase.”
Bendik Aurstad, Business Developer, OBOS
“All our site acquisition investment cases must be evaluated in Spacemaker. It is an important part of our quality assurance process.”
Martin Haanes, VP, Miliarium