Real Estate Developers

Site planning. Reimagined.

Create proposals that maximize living qualities and density of a building site.

Reduce risk with rich data

Use a wide range of data sets available within Spacemaker and receive analyses on up to 100 criteria, such as property boundaries, terrain, buildings, roads and traffic, wind, daylight and infrastructure.

“All our site acquisition investment cases must be evaluated in Spacemaker. It is an important part of our quality assurance process.”
Vice President, Miliarium
Martin Haanes
“By using Spacemaker you can rapidly test many different alternatives. This allows us to easily optimize for the full potential of a site and at the same time ensure good living qualities, all while adhering to regulatory requirements and norms.”
Head of Development, OBOS Nye Hjem
Anders Skauge

Create more value

Work with AI to perform feasibility studies. Optimize site proposals for density and living qualities. 

Why Developers love Spacemaker

A story from one of our customers

With Spacemaker you can reduce risk, lead time and costs. Evaluate potential construction sites with the help of ready-to-use data sets.

Create a digital model and rapidly simulate and analyze different planning scenarios to study all opportunities and risks. One of our customer

Improved efficiency

Feasibility studies went from taking 2 weeks to less than 6 hours and amount of hours outsourced per feasibility study =by 10-20 hours.

Considerable cost savings

In the magnitude of 100,000 Euros per year by reducing time spent on feasibility studies and outsourcing of tasks by 75%.

Improved communication with stakeholders

Helped our client win the site acquisition process as they could demonstrate with clear data that the proposal did not impact the living qualities of the neighbouring plot.

Plan faster and smarter 

Discover an intelligent site planning process that significantly reduces the time it takes to move from feasibility studies to acquisition, and from acquisition to site planning and construction.

“With the use of Spacemaker we were able to get sufficient utilization, test concept safeguards and ensure we meet our requirements - all at the same time. This resulted in a
quicker overall quality assurance process.”
Project Manager, Stor-Oslo Eiendom
Carl Henrik Graff
"We saw efficiency gains already in the first project. By using Spacemaker in close collaboration with the architect, the façade area with problematic daylight conditions was reduced by almost 80 percent. This we achieved much faster and more effectively than if we had used traditional methods."
CDO, Nordr Eiendom
Mikkel Nielsen

Seamless collaboration 

Discover the benefits of a digital workflow. Work collectively on one and the same 3D model of your building site, leading to more productive dialogues and better decision-making.


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Check out our upcoming webinars, delving into the power of the Spacemaker platform.

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“With Spacemaker you have access to a thorough, analytical foundation early, and you can build strong arguments that contribute to a better and more efficient dialogue and better collaboration.”
Mats Marthinussen, Head of section and Urban Planner, Bodø Municipality
“Spacemaker allows us to efficiently test different building heights and potential building structures, saving us time in the acquisition phase.”
Bendik Aurstad, Business Developer, OBOS
“All our site acquisition investment cases must be evaluated in Spacemaker. It is an important part of our quality assurance process.”
Martin Haanes, VP, Miliarium