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Discover the most powerful creative software for site planning.

You design, we analyze.

Spacemaker is the perfect assistant for planning teams. Assess up to 100 criteria in real-time, and efficiently perform feasibility studies. Keep your project on track, by spending less time analyzing, and more time creating.

“We see particular benefits from the instant analysis of outdoor areas and noise. These analyses can save us valuable time as these processes often have short deadlines.”
Partner and Architect, Arcasa
Frode Smørdal
“Spacemaker has helped us quickly discard several acquisition candidate projects based on problematic conditions. All our site acquisition investment cases must be evaluated in Spacemaker. It is an important part of our quality assurance process.”
VP, Miliarium
Martin Haanes

Get creative with generative design.

Discover more options for your site than ever before. Analyze, evaluate and compare multiple sites proposals simultaneously, and continuously iterate, all in one fast and uninterrupted workflow.

Never compromise.

Create high-quality, high-value sites. Discover ways to optimize your proposals for both: density and living qualities!

“By using Spacemaker you can rapidly test many different alternatives. This allows us to easily optimize for the full potential of a site and at the same time ensure good living qualities, all while adhering to regulatory requirements and norms.”
Head of Development, OBOS Nye Hjem
Anders Skauge
“With Spacemaker you have access to a thorough, analytical foundation early, and you can build strong arguments that contribute to a better and more efficient dialogue and better collaboration.”
Head of section and Urban Planner, Bodø Municipality
Mats Marthinussen

A unified experience for the entire team.

Collaborate effectively and efficiently with developers, municipalities and consultants. All on the same 3D model, and within one, single platform. Seamlessly push your project forward as a team.

Easy to master.

Spacemaker is built for architects by architects. It is our ambition to make our software accessible to every architect, no matter how digitally savvy you are.

"I have been positively surprised with how easy it was to learn how to use Spacemaker. We have internal tools with manuals that are hundreds of pages. But I feel like I learned how to use Spacemaker in just a few hours!"
Project Developer, Bonava
Geir Kenneth Tungesvik

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“Spacemaker improves how we collaborate on our projects - we, the developers, architects, consultants, and contractors can all engage with and iterate on the same fact-based, digital model.”
Rick Noordink, Project Leader, AF Eiendom
“Spacemaker allows us to efficiently test different building heights and potential building structures, saving us time in the acquisition phase.”
Bendik Aurstad, Business Developer, OBOS
“All our site acquisition investment cases must be evaluated in Spacemaker. It is an important part of our quality assurance process.”
Martin Haanes, VP, Miliarium