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Three new colleagues joins Spacemaker

May 6, 2020
Hans Magnus Inderberg

Spacemaker adds its first Head of Engineering, Hans Magnus Inderberg

Hans Magnus joins Spacemaker as the Head of Engineering.

After developing websites and iOS apps as a teenager, Hans Magnus earned a master’s degree in computer science from NTNU. For his thesis, he and a friend wrote a scaling engine for async tasks on top of AWS and Azure. Post-graduation, he started as a consultant at Bekk, eventually becoming a member of the technology leadership group. In this position, he was responsible for developing internal and external knowledge of how to build new products and services and building and supporting a culture suited for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. For the last four years, Hans Magnus has worked mostly on intrapreneurship, doing everything from coding all day to finding product-market fit to building organization — acting as everything from a CTO to a tech lead to a product leader.

At Spacemaker, Hans Magnus will be the Head of Engineering, serving the engineers in the product organization to the best of his abilities.

When not at work, Hans Magnus spends time with his wife and plays with his daughter, Tilde. He enjoys running, hiking, and skiing, and coding personal projects, big and small.

Marie-Lahya Simon

Marie-Lahya Simon — architect, engineer, and future-cities-researcher

Marie-Lahya joins Spacemaker as an Architect and Customer Success Manager in the Paris office. Prior to joining Spacemaker, Marie-Lahya was a project leader at Wilmotte & Associés, managing large-scale residential projects.

Marie-Lahya worked over 6 years as an architect in different studios in Rotterdam, London, and Paris, on various types and scales of projects.
Her natural interest for research led her to become a research and teaching assistant at the Why Factory, MVRDV’s laboratory at TU Delft, where she worked on the topic of future cities with a LEGO partnership.

She’s trained both as an architect and an engineer from TU Delft, the Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics, and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris La Villette.

Marie-Lahya is passionate about architecture and design. She loves to travel, and is happy to walk the extra mile just to visit a specific building! She’s a foodie, loves to cook, and to make culinary experiments.

Geir Sporsheim

Spacemaker is thrilled to welcome Geir Sporsheim as a Software Engineer, focusing on 3D visualization and simulation

Geir studied computer science at Ålesund university college. After graduating, he worked in advertising agencies, helping develop digital signage and web publishing solutions.

Since moving to Oslo in 2009, he has gained broad experience working in tech companies — building video surveillance systems, video conferencing solutions, and most recently working in a cyber security start-up.

Geir has a passion for computer graphics, especially anything that involves 3D visualization and simulation, so he is very excited to join Spacemaker as a Software Engineer where both are an important part of the product.

Outside of work, Geir enjoys the company of his family and friends, or finding time to do some recreational programming, 3D printing, or other hobby projects.

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