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How Spacemaker is helping Bouygues Immobilier design more efficient, sustainable projects

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November 16, 2020

Bouygues Immobilier came to Spacemaker AI to design more sustainable projects; with a set list of criteria and some seemingly delicate constraints, how did Spacemaker’s technology overcome such rigid criteria and enhance the workflow of the operation?

At the beginning of 2020 we partnered with Bouygues Immobilier, one of the largest real estate developers in Europe. Bouygues Immobilier is using Spacemaker to design more sustainable projects and optimise the living conditions of its future buyers.

We caught up with Jean-Baptiste Watine, the Director of Business Development for Spacemakers French team and Paul Eydaleine from Bouygues Immobilier to get a more rounded insight into the project. Check out the full video and transcript below.

“Spacemaker brings together all the stakeholders of a project, whether it is the developer, the architects, or even the municipalities, to take into account the various constraints they face and ultimately to improve the design of their buildings and facilitate decision-making. Concretely, Spacemaker enables you to create or import 3D models and to improve them using the analysis or design functionalities of the tool; and, by taking these into account the living conditions and density constraints in the early phases, whether it is daylight, sun, or even sometimes heat islands for urban projects, the users can optimize the constructability of their site. Whether it is in terms of density or quality of housing.” - Jean-Baptiste Watine, Spacemaker

“Bouygues Immobilier is the first French player to collaborate with Spacemaker, which is already working with Scandinavian developers. We have launched a number of projects with them, including two that are already advanced, on which we are achieving very satisfactory results. On the first, at fixed density, we have managed to better integrate the acoustic issues surrounding the project and also to improve the daylight in the apartments. On the second one, we noticed that the layout of the buildings created a Venturi effect that we were able to avoid by changing the layout of the buildings. As Jean-Baptiste said, we use Spacemaker on our projects to improve the quality of the apartments we offer to our future customers.” - Paul Eydaleine, Bouygues Immobilier

Find out more about our partnership with Bouygues Immobilier here.

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