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Hilde Gjerde Dideriksen joins Spacemaker as our first Talent Manager

November 22, 2019

Hilde Gjerde Dideriksen has joined Spacemaker as a Talent Manager and the first full time employee to focus on the “people dimension.”

She received a Master of Science in Business Administration and Psychology at Copenhagen Business School. As part of her degree, she completed an exchange to Seoul National University in South Korea. Hilde has also studied economics, psychology, and pedagogics at NTNU in Trondheim.

Since graduating, Hilde has worked in the consulting industry. She has worked with assessment tools for developing employees, leaders, and organisations, and as a management consultant within the area of human resources and organisational development, most recently for the Danish firm Implement Consulting Group.

At Spacemaker, Hilde brings structure to the “people” side of our organisation, creating the foundation enabling us to scale. This structure includes HR from A-Å (or A-Z in the English speaking world): 1) Find — attract, discover, and recruit talent 2) Grow — develop the people we have 3) Keep — identify needs and implement initiatives and structures to take care of our employees.

Hilde has wanderlust and travels as often as she can. She prefers new places and different cultures. Aside from work and travel, she spends a lot of time on her road bike, usually trying to keep up with her semi-pro Danish husband.

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