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Meet our driven, passionate team

Spacemaker's culture is the sum of all our wonderful employees. It's constantly growing and evolving.Our values and shared beliefs are what fuel our journey to designing better cities.

Life at Spacemaker

Spacemaker consists of a multi-disciplinary team. What we all have in common is a strong belief that we can make a difference by improving the way we design our cities. Our team is fast-growing and now includes more than 100 people in locations around the world: Oslo, Boston, Malmo, Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona.

Our culture

At Spacemaker we truly believes that an environment of diversity and inclusion is beneficial for everyone. Our culture is founded on respectfulness, open-mindedness, and transparency. These pillars have been achieved through culture, rather than policies, and are something we intend to preserve and strengthen. We are really proud that this is demonstrated through the Equality Check Index, where we are ranked Top 10 in Norway.

Open positions

Below you see the positions we are hiring for right now. We frequently post new positions. If you
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We want leaders to empower you
We believe in leaders who serve employees, empowering teams to take responsibility. We call this Servant Leadership.
We thrive on customer success
To be able to build an awesome product and offering, everyone at Spacemaker needs to know, relate to, and interact with our customers.
Transparency is our default mode
Unless there are explicit reasons not to share, all information about the product, operations, finances, wins, and losses are open for everyone.
We depend on both autonomy and alignment
Autonomy and trust is essential for effective teams. Alignment is required to ensure we have the same goal.
We are born Norwegian, but growing up internationally
Becoming an international company is more than creating a new office. We work hard to have a global and open mindset.
We are always improving
Working at Spacemaker is about challenging yourself and your team to think differently. We welcome discussion and argumentation, practised with empathy and respect.

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