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We believe there is a better way to design cities.

Buildings account for 40% of all carbon emissions.

90% of future global population growth will take place in cities.

Which means building a new “Paris” every week.

By 2050, there will be nearly 10 billion people on Earth.

Sustainable cities, at scale

Over the next thirty years, the cities of the world will grow by more than 2 billion people. This makes it necessary to build higher, denser and faster than before — while also providing high living quality and sustainable urban environments. Achieving this is a global challenge, recognized by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The construction industry is struggling to adapt. It is one of the world’s largest industries and yet one of the least digitized. Productivity has been falling since the 1950s. Spacemaker is determined to play a vital role in this industry’s needed transformation. By dramatically improving decision support and collaboration in real estate development, we aim to help build sustainable and better cities to live in.

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Who we are

Spacemaker is a technology company founded on the belief that there is a better way to design cities, and a vision that this needs to happen as the population of the world grows to new highs.

We enable architects, real-estate developers and other stakeholders in the AEC industry to make data-driven decisions from the very moment a project begins. To continuously iterate on designs and to explore the boundaries of what is possible on a site. Put together, we believe that these capabilities will enable the industry to design better cities for more people.

To make this happen we have pulled together an unusual mix of architects, urban planners, software engineers, management consultants, designers, data scientists, and many more, believing that the magic happens when new technological opportunities are combined with deep industry insight.

Our values and shared beliefs are what fuel our journey to designing better cities. Together we have created a Culture Handbook, an honest attempt to describe the culture at Spacemaker and a guide for us as we continue to grow. Get the highlights of the handbook.

We are a fast growing team of people coming together from fields like architecture, technology, business and design.
We collaborate across Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Boston!
And we are mixing the culture and experiences of people from across the world.

Meet some of the Spacemakers

Spacemaker is made up of all sorts of people - from data scientists and architects, to sailors, skiers, climbers, software engineers, designers and many more. Below you can meet a few of them!

Simon holds a M.Sc in Communication Engineering and has worked with R&D for 5g and became an inventor, by definition, after filing for a patent within the field. After moving to Norway, he switched tracks to become a software engineer and has since then worked mainly with web applications.
Simon Andersson
Software Engineer
Helene joined Spacemaker upon graduation from her M.Sc. in Machine Learning at UCL in October of 2018. She also holds a B.Sc. in mathematics and an M.Sc. in law from UiB.
Helene Bøhler
Data Scientist
Arne holds an M.Sc in Architecture from NTNU, has experience from Dark Architects and Grape Architects and is considered one of Norway's leading experts on BIM and digital Architectural modeling.
Arne Folkestad Bjelland
Ragnhild is educated at The Oslo school of Architecture and Design, and The Norwegian school of entrepreneurship. She is passionate about user experience and the belief that everything in our lives (including cities) can be designed better.
Ragnhild Milter
UX Designer
Raoul is a Swedish speaking Finn with a Real Estate Development background. Raoul helps customer's integrate Spacemaker into their workflows and uses industry knowledge to combine Spacemaker’s computational AI power with creative solutions in architectural design and urban challenges.
Raoul Lindberg
Solution Consultant
Andrés has engineering degrees from the University of Manchester and KTH. He has experience from Vainu with expanding accounts across the Nordics. In his spare time, he enjoys running and cooking.
Andrés D’Silva
Customer Success Manager
Lavinia has a global background in online marketing and commercial operations, and is a Mathematics and Computer Science graduate. Lavinia joined Spacemaker AI, addressing the Scandinavian market, and is now focusing on sales processes, analytics, tech stack, and enablement to drive revenue.
Lavinia Dieac
Commercial Operations
Ellis' background is in mechanical engineering. He works in our Boston office and focuses on sustainability-related research, including energy efficiency, solar panels, and urban heat islands.
Ellis Herman
Data Scientist
Emma holds a MSc. in Applied Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School and a Masters degree in Accounting and Audit from NHH.
Emma Christina Norton
Business Controller
Hans-Olav holds a M.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering from NTNU. Hans Olaf has more than a decade of experience as a software development consultant with BEKK, and has worked with complex projects for some of Norways largest organizations.
Hans Olaf Borch
Software Engineer
Håkon hold a degree in applied mathematics from INSA Toulouse in France, where he studied for five years. He has had internships in France, Norway and Russia. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and reading.
Håkon Fure
Data Scientist
+ 99 colleagues

Want to join our team?

Spacemaker is made up of all sorts of people - from data scientists and architects, to sailors, skiers, climbers, software engineers, designers and many more. Below you can meet a few of them!

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Our way of working

We want leaders to empower you
We believe in leaders who serve employees, empowering teams to take responsibility. We call this Servant Leadership.
We thrive on customer success
To be able to build an awesome product and offering, everyone at Spacemaker needs to know, relate to, and interact with our customers.
Transparency is our default mode
Unless there are explicit reasons not to share, all information about the product, operations, finances, wins, and losses are open for everyone.
We depend on both autonomy
and alignment
Autonomy and trust is essential for effective teams. Alignment is required to ensure we have the same goal.
We are born Norwegian, but
growing up internationally
Becoming an international company is more than creating a new office. We work hard to have a global and open mindset.
We are always improving
Working at Spacemaker is about challenging yourself and your team to think differently. We welcome discussion and argumentation, practised with empathy and respect.

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