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Early stage planning.

Spacemaker makes detailed analysis available from day one, eliminating guesswork and streamlining collaboration across the construction industry.

Spacemaker is a cloud-based AI software, empowering teams to collaborate, analyze and design real estate sites. Lower risk. Faster projects. Better homes.

Your entire site planning workflow - connected

Your entire site planning workflow - connected

Make data-driven decisions
From feasibility to site acquisition, Spacemaker empowers you to make confident data and insight-driven decisions.
Design faster and smarter
Work digitally from day one. Improve the quality and speed of the early planning phase.
Create high-quality, high-value sites.
Never compromise! Discover ways to optimise for density and living qualities.

Smarter design.
Smarter decisions.

Spend less time searching for data and working with fragmented tools. Import your site proposal and access all relevant data sets in one space.

Test your concepts in minutes.

You shouldn’t have to wait weeks every time you want to assess the living quality of your site. With Spacemaker you can improve your site proposal at any time, and instantly understand the impact of the changes made.

Unlock your creativity with generative design.

Don’t settle for second best when it comes to your creativity. With Spacemaker you can discover and compare more options for your site than ever before.

Seamless collaboration.

Remove the barriers between stakeholders. Spacemaker offers a single space where architects, developers, consultants, and municipalities can work together effectively and efficiently.

The world’s cities are facing explosive growth

Over the next thirty years, the cities of the world will grow by more than 2 billion people. This makes it necessary to build higher, denser and faster than before — while also providing high living quality and sustainable urban environments. Achieving this is a global challenge, recognized by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

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“Spacemaker improves how we collaborate on our projects - we, the developers, architects, consultants, and contractors can all engage with and iterate on the same fact-based, digital model.”
Rick Noordink, Project Leader, AF Eiendom
“Spacemaker allows us to efficiently test different building heights and potential building structures, saving us time in the acquisition phase.”
Bendik Aurstad, Business Developer, OBOS
“All our site acquisition investment cases must be evaluated in Spacemaker. It is an important part of our quality assurance process.”
Martin Haanes, VP, Miliarium

For developers

Create proposals that maximize living qualities and density of a building site.

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For architects

Discover the most powerful creative software for site planning.

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